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Laci Green's guide to orgasm

The coital alignment technique explained!

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Original CAT video (Longer)

Better Man On Top Sex

CAT video (Shorter)

Better Coital Alignment For Female Orgasm

New CAT video simplified using sketches

Coital video

Erection Problems?

We all take sex for granted - except when things go wrong. That's when you need the help of the experts in male sexual dysfunction. For example, do you have any kind of erectile dysfunction or an erection problem? Whether that means not being able to get an erection at all, or losing it during sex, there are new and effective treatments which don't always involve drugs. In fact, almost every case of erectile dysfunction can be cured, so with the right treatment you may well find that your erection is restored in no time at all!

Whether you believe Men come from Mars and women come from Venus or not, you will know that men and women have different needs when it comes to getting sexual pleasure. Men come faster than women. It's that simple.

But most men don't know why women are slower to reach orgasm, and since men are so quickly satisfied, it can become routine for a woman to miss out on her orgasm during sex.

Just because we tend not to talk about the female orgasm doesn't mean it's not important. Many relationships suffer because the woman is not enjoying her orgasm. If you want a good - even a great - relationship, then you have to work at ensuring the female climax takes a prominent place in it!

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