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Oral Sex Positions

Whether you like to use oral sex as part of foreplay or prefer to take it all the way to orgasm, whether you like to enjoy it regularly or just once in a while as a special treat, oral sex can certainly be one of the greatest pleasures of a romantic relationship.

Is there anything to say on the subject that hasn't been said before?

Perhaps not, but there are one or two things to remember which can make it a more comfortable or pleasurable experience.


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First of all, a few words about positions. There aren't really any special positions for oral sex - unless you count the ones which help to avoid neck strain for men who are pleasuring their partner orally.

And that's an entirely serious comment, for men who like to bring their partner to orgasm this way can feel obliged to continue as their partner nears orgasm, even if they are in some discomfort.

One answer is to raise her hips slightly on a pillow, so that you can get to her vulva more easily.

Another possibility is to have her lie on the bed with her legs over the edge so that you can get between her legs as you kneel on the floor.

Of course, finding a good position for oral sex isn't really difficult, but what you might need is inspiration to find some new ideas for doing it that will please both you and your partner. Accordingly, we've included a selection of oral sex position pictures below.

For women giving oral sex (fellatio) to their man getting into position tends to be less difficult, since a man's penis is much more accessible in every way than a woman's vulva, whether he's standing, lying, or sitting.

Oral sex as part of foreplay

Oral sex in bed as part of the main event - fellatio

Oral sex in bed as part of the main event - cunnilingus

Mutual oral sex - the 69 or soixante-neuf position

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