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When you ask people what positions they like to have sex in, the most popular answer from men is "Rear entry" or "Woman on top". Women say they prefer "Woman on top" more than any other sex position.

But the odd thing is that we know most people have more sex in the man on top position than any other! Now, just how do you explain that?

I don't really know, but I wonder if people have sex in the man on top position because it's safe, familiar, comfortable and enjoyable, while they secretly think that other positions might be more arousing, more exciting or more satisfying?

Men certainly like the idea of rear entry sexual positions. After all, there aren't many things more sexually exciting than penetrating your partner from behind, watching your penis moving in and out of her vagina while her bottom frames the picture!

Yet men often reach orgasm quickly in this sexual position, so intercourse doesn't last long, and it may not afford much opportunity for emotional connection with your partner.

Women may find the idea of rear entry sex "naughty", raw, passionate or lustful, but in reality it may mean they don't feel very connected with their man.

And of course, there are always sex techniques which can overcome this.

And woman on top sexual positions are a very different thing to man on top sex - once she's on top, a woman may find herself taking the lead, controlling the pace of sex and determining its rhythm.

All these things are exciting once in a while, but perhaps what we really crave is the certainty, the established roles, the security of man on top sex - or maybe it just feels good for both partners?

Yes, that's partly true: it can certainly feel good for men, who can make deep pelvic thrusts, enjoy a sense of dominance over their partner, and have powerful orgasms. But what about a woman's pleasure?

Does she get much out of sex in the man on top sexual position? Her clitoris is rarely stimulated, she may not reach orgasm, and she feels the weight of her man on her.....but there are compensations.

The couple can look into each other's eyes, have extensive bodily contact, and enjoy the emotional rewards of being on top and underneath (in other words - he feels dominant or protective, she feels receiving or protected).

Surely, man on top sex reaffirms a man's lustiness and sexual power, and a woman's desirability and sexuality, and in addition, as she permits her man to penetrate her, she feels safe, secure and protected. No wonder it's so popular...

You can adapt both man on top and woman on top positions so that the woman actually comes during sex

If you don't know what the Coital Alignment technique is, then I strongly recommend you try it. It is one of the best positions, and can really help the partners come together.

The man gets into position as if for the missionary. But he keeps his legs outside hers while he inserts his penis into her. He then shifts his whole body upwards so that his elbows are near her head.

The net result of this position is to rub the clitoris on the base of the penis, so that she is stimulated as he thrusts. Sex in this position will almost certainly make her have an orgasm.

It may be better to change positions slightly so that the guy is moving his penis in a stirring or churning motion rather than simple thrusts.

Many couples say they love this position the most, and it works even better after cunnilingus because then she's already aroused and will reach orgasm quicker.

More information on Coital Alignment Technique can be found here: Man on top page of this site

Even better sex can be achieved with the woman on top because it allows her to find the exact angle that gets her clitoris stimulated.

If she can find a position that get her clitoris in contact with the base or shaft of your penis or your pubic mound during sex, she will go into orbit while she moves on you.

And of course, these positions have the advantage that they are quite relaxing for you during sex!

Many women find woman on top sex incredibly stimulating, so much so that they reach orgasm much more easily. If you get the position just right, your glans will hit her G spot and she will come while you are inside her. Believe me, this is an amazing sensation!

The best way to enjoy woman on top sex depends on what you want!

Woman on top sex positionLike everything in sex, the best thing is what is best for you and most comfortable.

But in general, when you're the woman and you're on top, don't bounce up and down on his penis like a jack hammer - this will only make him come quickly, and it probably won't give him much pleasure.

Instead, screw a man to the edge of unbearable ecstasy in the woman on top positions if you move your hips slowly in a circular grinding way. Slow and luxurious - that's the way to do it.

A great way to enjoy this position is for the man to move his partner placing his hands on her hips and then shifting her (gently, more like a process of encouraging her to shift into different positions) into the positions that feel best for him.

Once she knows which positions feel best, she'll be able to take him to fantastic orgasms.

If there's one guiding principle, it's this: like everything else to do with sex positions, just do what feels good. When you first try woman on top, you'll quickly find it's important to adjust the position to suit the angle of your cock.

If it's hard and upright when erect, lying flat along your belly, you woman will have to lean forward so that your chests are quite close, otherwise it is very uncomfortable as your penis will get bent downwards.

This sex position allows you to spin sex out so that she controls how long sex lasts, and gets her pleasure - while driving her man crazy!

Another good option is to have the man half lying and half sitting, then have the woman climb onto his lap and do all the rocking back and forwards and the going faster or slower. In these positions, his penis gets deeper into her, and this can feel amazing!

What's more, if the man sits upright, his pubic bone can very nicely stimulate her clitoris, which can lead to great sex!

One problem when the woman's on top of the man, who's lying down, with the woman facing forwards or backwards is that the knees can hurt a bit!

The easiest way to overcome this is to rise up from time to time during sex and move up and down his penis rather than just grinding your hips. And he'll love the variation, too!

One couple emailed us to say: "Our take on these sex positions is to have her sit on my cock, facing me with her hands on my chest. She rocks her pelvis into mine. She circles her hips around on my penis.

She can then put herself into the best positions for clitoral and G spot stimulation. It also leaves my hands free to play.

I like to massage her breasts with both hands or hold her hips top move Woman on top sex positionher in certain ways or even just to push her down into me. I would say she has an orgasm during sex about 90% of the time in this position."

Remember that men may not like it as much as if they are not in control but the sense of woman being dominant is part of the fun! Though the man can thrust a little, if he lies still he can guide the woman and hold her by the hips.

Not thrusting means he lasts longer before he ejaculates and the woman can reach orgasm more easily and quickly.

Even better, both partners have both hands free in these sex positions. The woman can play with her clit while she squeezes his nipples or balls.

If you want you can put a vibrator between the man and woman - that will make your orgasms even better for both of you!

Man on top sex

Woman on top sex

Rear entry sex

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