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How To Pleasure A Woman

There are some great techniques for men to pleasure women on this page. These will be especially useful if you don't know what women want in the bedroom. So read on and discover the best way to satisfy your woman in bed!

Ways To Give A Woman Pleasure

1 Begin with a massage.

Using coconut oil or almond oil or grapeseed oil, run your hands right down the length of her legs, from her upper thighs to her ankles. Pay attention to her feet, gently massaging them, with particular attention to the spaces between the toes.

And do it slowly, do it thoughtfully, do it in a way which suggests your only intention is to find the best ways to give her sensuous pleasure.

Now of course all women are different. And though we could give you a recipe of "instructions", the best thing you can do is to find out precisely what you need to do to pleasure your girlfriend.Get all the information you could ever need about pleasuring a woman by visiting our website devoted to female pleasure. Simply click here to find out more!

2 Ask her what turns her on!

The point being, women really want their man to be interested in their welfare, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. And, better, she'll then want to show you her love in the way you like most! That's how these things work.

Besides which, you might be surprised at what she says! And that could be more exciting still for you when you discover what really turns her on!

Whatever you do, you've got to make it look like you're really trying, like you're really into it. If you're being half-hearted about it, she's going to notice and she'll probably conclude you're not interested in finding out how to ensure her pleasure in bed.

So as well as asking her what she wants, make sure YOU do what YOU want (provided she likes it of course!) If you want to stroke her back, or kiss her butt, or run your fingers through her hair .... give it a go!

3 Enjoy Pleasing Your Partner

A woman always senses when a man is enjoying what he's doing – and that's going to turn her on.

While the genitals – clitoris, vagina, vulva - and breasts are the obvious places men like to pay attention to a woman, it's all too easy to go wrong. (Advice for men on stimulating the clit. And check out advice from a woman on the same subject.)

As you probably found out early in your sexual career, direct attention to the clitoris before a woman's aroused can be painful rather than pleasurable.

It's much better to rub along the one of the clitoris, or perhaps along both sides of the clitoris, with long sweeping massage strokes. And if you're giving her oral pleasure, make sure you tease her by licking and sucking the clitoris a little bit, then moving your tongue around and about.

You might find a particular spot on her vulva that drives her wild… the U-spot, for example (that's the opening of her urethra in her vulva). Explore, and see what happens! Having her moan as you run your tongue over her urethral opening or the opening of her vagina means big pleasure!

Knowing how to lick a woman is absolutely critical to satisfying any lady in bed. Oral pleasure is what women love in bed, more than almost anything else. Time and time again, women say that oral sex is one of their favorite sexual activities.

Men: oral pleasure is one of the best ways of satisfying a woman in bed.

There are some special techniques which can drive a woman wild. One of them is circling your tongue around her clitoris, making figure-of-eight circles, moving from left to right and right to left and up and down. Find out how you can sexually satisfy your woman and make her happy in bed! There's more on women's sexual pleasure here, by the way!

Whatever you do, make sure she's responding with increasing arousal. You can tell if she's getting more aroused because she'll be moaning and groaning and thrusting her hips towards you.

4: Do What's Right For Her

One of the mistakes men make quite a bit with women is to think they can take what pleased their previous girl in bed and transfer it to their current lady. For any man who really wants to please a woman, it's essential to find out what the woman you're with wants.

Pleasing women sexually isn't difficult, but it does require you to be sensitive to each one as an individual. And men know that, because the most common question found on internet sex forums is "What do women want in bed?"

Obviously, one of the things they want is a man who's sensitive and caring and is going to pay attention to their sexual needs. If you do that, then you already know how to please her – it's only matter of finding the right technique.

For example, how many of you would have thought of lying crosswise to her body, so that your tongue can approach her clitoris in a completely different direction? Worth trying?

Sure it is, because anything different will produce different sensations in her clitoris. The more variations you try, the more likely you are to find something that really excites her.

Men often don't pay much attention to a woman's labia. But they're very sensitive; as sensitive as your scrotum – and you know much you enjoy like having that licked!

One of the best ways to stimulate her inner labia is to put the lips between the tips of your thumb and forefinger, and then, with plenty of lubrication such as almond oil or coconut oil, make little circles as you move your fingers and thumbs up and down the length of the labia.

Most likely, you'll find she really wants you to move your fingers (or tongue) all over her vulva, not to focus on one area – if you don't know that already, ask her to demonstrate to you what she likes when she's self-pleasuring (masturbating) and watch carefully – not only will you find that really turns her on, but you'll get clear clues as to what pleases her when you're pleasuring her with your fingers.

And of course at some point she'll hopefully come (reach orgasm). You are going to bring her to orgasm – after which, perhaps with a few minutes' rest for her to come back to earth, you're going to get your chance to enter her and enjoy intercourse.

And while I know that that's what all you guys are secretly wanting, bear in mind that if you've taken the trouble to get her to orgasm before you enter her, you're going to enjoy intercourse much more because the inside of her vagina will be really swollen, moist and warm – which gives an erect penis the greatest pleasure possible!

But because her arousal decreases slowly, she'll probably love having you inside her, and she might even come again. For this, you should find the best position for intercourse, the best position being probably the one that hits her G spot when you're thrusting.

5: Learn About Her G spot

Some say the G spot needs finger stimulation. Learn how to touch it in the way that gives her the greatest pleasure. But trust me, what a woman really wants is to feel her G spot being stimulated by the ridge of your erect cock head. To do that effectively, you need to find the right angle of penetration.

That's most likely going to be doggy style, with her head and chest on the bed and her hips and butt raised. You can put your hands on her hips and pull her towards you each time you thrust in.

Of course, not all penises and vaginas have the same angles. You may need to try different postures until you hit the one that's really going to get her screaming or moaning with pleasure.

Problem. When she's getting aroused again because you're stimulating her G spot during lovemaking, it's sometimes hard to keep control of your own orgasm.

There's an answer, though. Take the time and trouble to pay attention to the subtle sensations that precede the very familiar feeling you get when you know you're going to ejaculate. These are clues that'll show you when to slow down or even pull out – and so delay your orgasm and ejaculation.

"Oh no!" I can hear you saying. And in fact pulling out is going to spoil her fun, because a woman needs constant stimulation of her clitoris or G spot to keep her arousal high.

So yes, pulling out to save yourself from ejaculating can indeed sometimes slow her down. However, if you start kissing, mouth-to-mouth, passionately, she's likely to come back pretty quickly.

In the few minutes this buys you, your arousal will drop, and you can then enter her again and carry on thrusting. If you're still bothered about not being able to last long enough, try the coital alignment technique, where the angle of entry of your erection into her vagina changes to almost vertical, and you rock rather than thrust.

6: Try Different Positions

Another option is to try the side-by-side position.

This helps to extend the length of intercourse quite a bit, yet still gives her plenty of stimulation. This is something to do with the angle of the penis in the vagina. The sensitive parts of your penis don't get stimulated as much, but the sensitive parts of her vagina still get what they need.

This position comes highly recommended for men who can't last long enough. As a pleasure tool, it works especially well if you apply plenty of lube, so there's less friction on your penis.

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