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Hi. My name is John Layton. I've written and researched all aspects of human sexuality extensively since 1999, and this site is the product of many conversations with friends, relationship partners, Tantric sex experts, therapists and sex experts (as well as a lot of research on the internet)!

I wouldn't claim to be a professional sex therapist, but my "work" over the years has taught me a lot more than I knew before I started so it seemed appropriate to share this information with a wider public right from the very beginning.

The site started as a small venture in 2001 and has continually grown ever since. Now it receives many millions of visitors every year and is probably the oldest sex site in the internet.

Take what you read here with a sense of excitement and interest - as I say, I'm not a sex therapist but I have learned a few things over the years. I suppose you could regard my site as the product of an educated layman's research!

If you want to feedback any comments, suggestions or observations, please email