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Adventurous and Difficult Sex Positions To Challenge You!

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Adventurous and Difficult Sex Positions To Challenge You! (This Page)

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Sexual Positions To Challenge You

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By trying new sex positions you can add a new level of sexual excitement to your  relationship.

For example, for a man, any sex position that enhances his ability to see his penis penetrating his partner's body will usually add a great deal to his excitement. Something like the first position shown here would probably satisfy that condition!


See more advanced and difficult sex positions here!

Yet excitement is not the only thing to aim for during sex. Side by side sexual positions like this one are excellent at adding intimacy. You can get close to your partner while enjoying all the physical sensations of powerfully arousing and steamy sex.

Whether it is really necessary to wrap your legs around your partner in such a complicated way is another question altogether, of course!

Here's a picture of a more conventional approach to the side by side sex position.

Men can continue to make love in this position for a long time without ejaculating, as it puts less pressure on the penis. This does mean a man may be able to give his woman an orgasm during intercourse.

Generally speaking, in side by side sexual positions, the woman will move her legs up and the man will lie between them.

In this photo the female partner has moved her legs apart in a way that allows her man to enter her vagina at an unusual angle.

Such different ways of getting your penis into her vagina can be exciting - and there are some more ways you can achieve this in the pictures below - but the thrill often fades after the excitement of the first experimentation.  

Sex positions like these may give you a nice ego boost, but they can also place an undue strain on your penis, not to mention your neck, arm and thigh muscles!

The same comments apply to this and the next three pictures as the one above.

And, of course, having said that, for a man, such a clear view of his partner's vagina is likely to be a real turn on.

This is not, however, a position recommended for women with back problems!

The most viscerally arousing rear entry position, as depicted in this image, is likely to prove too arousing for most men to last very long before they ejaculate.

It may also make a woman feel like a sex object unless she in turn is very aroused and feeling wantonly sexual. It's a position for what you could colloquially call a "good, hard, fuck"!

And it is impossible to imagine any purpose to this position other than the fun of experimentation!

By adapting the more conventional man on top positions, as you can see in this photo, it is possible to achieve a different set of emotional and physical sensations.

Here, the woman can lie back and luxuriate the attention her man is able to give her breasts.

In this lovemaking position the couple have achieved a good compromise between comfort and excitement.

The woman can enjoy to the full the sensation of being sexual, of feeling wantonly open to her man, anticipating the moment of penetration, while he enjoys the sexy sight of her vulva open to his gaze, his fingers, and of course, his penis.

He can also stimulate her clitoris to give her extra pleasure as he makes love.

By rocking gently on his heels, he will achieve a comfortable pace of thrusting, although he might want to adopt a more conventional man on top position for the final approach to orgasm (it would probably be more satisfying for both partners).

Sitting positions for sex tend to be restful and gentle.

The couple are able to engage emotionally while enjoying the pleasure of resting with his penis inside her body.

She may wish to ride him, either gently or fast, though she may get tired quite quickly.

The advantage here of course is that the couple can then rest again and kiss and cuddle until they are ready to resume faster thrusting, perhaps in a more straightforward position for intercourse.

The heading of this page isn't meant to imply you have to be some kind of degree in lovemaking to enjoy these positions, but it is fair to say that they need more flexibility, strength and persistence than most of the positions on other pages of this website.

If the sight of penile penetration excites you, then this is an ideal position to enjoy sex.

For any man who likes the sight of his partner's bottom, this is obviously exciting.

And the woman may find sensitive spots on the inside of her vagina are stimulated in new and exciting ways by the variations in the angle, depth and speed of penetration which results from these less common sexual positions.

There is another face to face sexual position on the bed that is worth mentioning though it can only be adopted if the woman has very supple thigh muscles and does not tire easily.

She kneels facing the man with her legs apart, and lies back until her head and shoulders are resting on the bed.

This has the effect of arching her back and making her pubic area the peak of the hill formed by her body.

The man places himself above her, puts his penis into her, and leans forward over her.

He must be careful that none of his weight rests on her; it will mostly be taken by his elbows and biceps.

Penetration is deeper in this than in all the other face to face lovemaking positions, except the woman on top or woman-astride position.

But it will only work if the woman can arch herself in this way without discomfort.

Rear Entry Sex Positions

Many couples have a limited "view" of what rear entry sex can actually do for them. No, I'm not talking about the "view" that the man gets of the woman's behind as he enters her, exciting though that undoubtedly is!

No, I'm talking about the range of techniques you can try from the rear as you can see from the photographs on this page there are plenty of them, and they come in many different forms.

Now, we know that couples who enjoy sexual intercourse on a regular basis tend to stick to the same few sexual positions. But you can change all that! There's no variation of human lovemaking better than rear entry, as I hope to demonstrate on this page.

To start with, the classic view of rear entry sex is where the woman is kneeling, with the man either standing or kneeling behind her and entering her as he reaches round to fondle her breasts. An alternative is for him to place his hands on her shoulders to get leverage as he thrusts.


Yet there's absolutely no reason why a woman should be kneeling on all fours for rear entry sex. For example, she can have her head down or up; she can be standing with her body bent into a right angle at the hips or have her torso angled more upwards; she can be lying down flat on the bed with her chest down, as the man kneels or lies alongside her or on top of her; and she can even present her vulva to her partner when she's in a variation of the side-by-side lovemaking position.

Some good sources of information about the female orgasm are here - first, Jason Julius's program Orgasm Arts, which is probably the best on the internet for men who want to know how to make a woman come.


So this is an extremely versatile sexual position, because the various postures that are possible allow all kinds of different sensations. In some of these variations of position, the man can fondle his partner's breasts, or he can reach round and play with her clitoris. In other positions, she can reach round and play with his testicles, and in many of the positions anal play is possible.

Combine this with the fact that the various sex positions available for rear entry sex allow either limited or complete bodily contact, and you have a whole panoply of sexual excitement and fun waiting to be explored.


And of course, there's a certain objectification of the woman during rear entry sex. This is because you can't really look your partner in the eyes. If you're a romantic type, this might be a considerable disadvantage. But to offset this there are plenty of other big advantages. For example, this is probably the sexual position that allows the deepest penetration. And men who are visually stimulated by the sight of their partner's bottom may be really turned on by making love like this.

Another thing: perhaps more importantly, some women find that these sex positions allow them to express their deepest and most powerful level of sexuality in an uninhibited way. For those women brought up with the concept of the "good girl" or "Madonna in the bedroom", rear entry sex allows a woman to express her most powerful sexual urges in an uninhibited way.

It's important for everyone to have the opportunity during lovemaking to express fundamental aspects of themselves. That might be a man's instinct to thrust hard and fast and to ejaculate deep into his partner while he holds on tightly to her. Or it might be a woman's instinct to express her raw sexuality in a very seductive, primal way.

Because, when you think about it, rear entry sex is indeed an instinctual and evolutionary throwback it's the way that animals mate, it's the way that our ancestors would have mated, and I suspect that when we make love in that way, we too are fulfilling a very deep and animal lustfulness that goes far beyond our polite missionary, man on top, lovemaking postures.

That simple desire to ejaculate as quickly as possible, which is of course based on an instinctual urge to get a woman pregnant - such a basic biological imperative! - means men tend to ejaculate quickly.

But I think that the meaning and satisfaction of these sexual positions actually goes deeper than this; besides fulfilling basic male and female instincts, there's a symbolism to rear entry sex which is something about the complete acceptance by the woman of her man's raw sexuality.

She presents herself to him in a most vulnerable way, waiting to be taken, giving him her body openly. This is a very vulnerable position for a woman to be in, even within a loving and trusting relationship, and it's an act of great faith for a woman to surrender herself and be seen in this way.

Once you go beyond the instinctual and animalistic aspects of this sexual position, what is there to say about it beyond the fact that there are many possible variations? Quite a lot, actually.


For one thing, so many variations of angles are possible between a couple. You only need to look at the photographs to see just how many variations of this position there actually are. And all of this means that almost every couple, no matter how large the man's penis, no matter how tight the woman's vagina, no matter whether he's under-endowed or she has a short vagina, can find an ideal position for making love among the many variations of rear entry.

The ideal positions, the best sex positions, are the ones in which the couple feel most comfortable, without any strain on her vagina or his penis. These are the sexual positions in which they both get the greatest sexual stimulation and satisfaction. That's largely about the angle of penile penetration and the depth of penetration, and to a lesser extent, the degree to which her vagina grips his erect penis.

I've also made the observation that there is no way of predicting which sexual position is going to be most comfortable for a particular couple, and that's certainly true: all I can suggest is that you try out as many variations as possible until you find the one that you enjoy the most!

So accepting that a couple will get different sensations from these variations in the angle of penetration, are there any general guidelines for sexual pleasure here?

First and foremost, in the standard sexual position where the woman's kneeling while she lowers her head and raises her pelvis, her vagina will tighten, thereby providing more friction for the man, which may provoke a quicker ejaculation for him.

It will also provide more stimulation on the G spot, which is capable of taking a woman to orgasm during sexual intercourse.  Many women can reach orgasm during sexual intercourse through vaginal stimulation if her man is capable of lasting for long enough before he ejaculates. This gives her sufficient stimulation, both in terms of frequency and rhythm, and vaginal stimulation. Without the right combination of these things it may be necessary for either the woman or her partner to stimulate her clitoris as they make love. This is in fact how most couples who claim the woman can orgasm during intercourse achieve this result.

Now, I've mentioned that deep penetration is one of the advantages of rear sex, and so it is. However, one of the disadvantages of such penetration is that it is possible for the man's penis to hit the woman's cervix as he thrust into her. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because it can stimulate a blended orgasm that involves clitoris, vagina and uterus. But in a woman who isn't extremely sexually aroused it can sometimes feel uncomfortable.

So a little bit of caution is necessary, particularly if the man has a long penis. Keep in mind also that although we tend to think of sex as being something in which the man does most of the thrusting, it's equally possible for the woman to move during intercourse, and there's no better sexual position for such movement than rear entry.

In classic rear entry, the man can even stand still whilst his partner rides back and forwards on his penis, thrusting her pelvis and giving opportunity to express her sexuality. For many women this can be very arousing.

As I said above, some of the photographs demonstrate that these sex positions are not limited to ones where the woman is lying down or kneeling. Indeed, for a couple whose height is well matched, it's actually possible for a couple to find dozens of variations of kneeling and standing postures, and in the latter case, the woman can brace herself against a wall to absorb the man's powerful thrusts.

As always, when the woman's torso is exposed which would always be the case if she's not lying on the bed - it's possible for the man to reach around and stimulate either her breasts or her clitoris, or other parts of her body as he thrusts into her. This ensures that she receives the maximum amount of sexual pleasure possible.

It's even possible for a couple who are flexible to kiss during rear entry sex you can see how this is done in the photographs.

Now imagine that you have a sex position where

  • the man is stimulated by the sight of his partner's bottom
  • the woman enjoys expressing her wanton sexuality
  • a couple are turned on by the raw sexuality of what they're doing
  • and there's lots of bodily contact, freedom of movement.

Well, why imagine? That actually is the reality of these sex positions!

And even the missing factor of eye gazing (no, you can't usually do this in rear entry sex!) can be overcome if you position a mirror so the man can see her, and vice versa, as they make love.

I'd like to draw your attention to a particular combination of rear entry & side-by-side sex which is very relaxing, extremely sensuous, and can produce wonderful orgasms for both partners (perhaps with a little added hand stimulation for the woman).

So once again, we find that rear entry sex can provide great excitement. It is both capable of giving deep penetration and also feeds that wonderful sensation of "taking your partner" for the man, and "being taken" for the woman.

To sum up the advantages of rear entry sex, I'd say that for women who are sensitive inside the vagina, in the area of the G spot, these sex positions are a wonderful way to get pleasure, fulfilment and sexual satisfaction.

The Need For Ejaculation Control

If a man really wants to please a woman, he needs to become a sexual artist. He needs to control his ejaculation, know how to please a woman, and understand the techniques that will give her satisfaction. The first item on this list can be achieved by training your stamina using a male masturbator such as the Fleshlight STU (read this review to learn how). It also helps if he is aware of how to speed up her progress to orgasm and then keep her on the edge of orgasm until finally dropping her over into a massive climax. You can also read all about these techniques here:

This requires a certain amount of self-discipline. For a man, the sight of his penis entering and withdrawing from his partner's body as his balls slap against her vulva, can be overwhelmingly arousing and cause him to ejaculate far too quickly.

If this seems too great a challenge for you, then why not adopt one of the more relaxing variations of this sex position? This would include side-by-side sex with the woman lying on her side with her man behind her.

This is a sexual position that doesn't promote frantic, urgent sex; it's one that gives itself more to romantic gentle, sex but still offers the opportunity to stimulate the woman's clitoris and bring her to orgasm. Needless to say, it's also good for a woman who prefers a more passive role, or for a woman who is tired or pregnant.

As I've said before, rear entry isn't actually the impersonal, animalistic thing some people think it is: in fact, it actually allows for a great deal of intimacy and fondling of her breasts during intercourse.

But this links to one of the challenges of such sex: if a woman is self-conscious about her body, she may feel that the level of exposure she gets is simply too great, particularly if she has saggy breasts or saggy buttocks.

I think it's important for all women to understand that these things are actually far less important to their male partner than they are to the woman concerned. It may seem hard for a woman to believe, but the truth is this: most men are quite accepting of any female body regardless of what it looks like when they are making love!