Sex Techniques and Positions: Adventurous Sex Positions

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Adventurous Sex Positions

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By trying new positions you can add a new level of sexual excitement to any sexual relationship.

And for a man, any position that enhances his ability to see his penis penetrating his partner's body will usually be even more exciting: something like the first position shown here would probably satisfy that condition!

Side by side sex positions like this one are excellent at adding intimacy as you can get close to your partner while enjoying all the physical sensations of steamy sex.

Whether it is really necessary to wrap your legs around your partner in such a complicated way is another question altogether, of course!

Here's a view of the more conventional approach to side by side sex.

Men can keep going for a long time in this position without coming, as it puts less pressure on the penis.

Generally speaking, in side by side sexual positions, the woman will move her legs up and the man will lie between them.

In this photo the female partner has moved her legs apart in such a way as to allow her man an unusual position for access to her vagina.

Such different ways of getting your penis into her vagina can be exciting - and there are some more ways you can achieve this in the pictures below - but the thrill that you may anticipate often turns out to be less pleasurable in reality.

Sex positions like these may give you a nice ego boost, but they can also place an undue strain on your penis, not to mention your neck, arm and thigh muscles!

The same comments apply to this and the next three pictures as the one above.

And, of course, having said that, for a man, such a blatant view of his partner's vagina is likely to be a real turn on.

This is not, however, a position recommended for women with back problems!

The rudest, hardest, type of rear entry sex position, as depicted in this image, is likely to prove too arousing for most men to last very long.

It may also make a woman feel like a sex object unless she in turn is very aroused and feeling wantonly sexual. It's a position for what you could colloquially call a "good, hard, fuck"!

And it is impossible to imagine any purpose to this sex position other than the fun of experimentation!
A very unusual position. Well, it might be fun!
By adapting the more conventional man on top sex positions, as you can see in this photo, it is possible to achieve a different set of emotional and physical sensations.

Here, the woman can lie back and luxuriate the attention her man is able to give her breasts.

In this sexual position the couple have achieved a good compromise between comfort and excitement.

The woman can enjoy to the full the sensation of being sexual, of feeling wantonly open to her man, anticipating the moment of penetration, while he enjoys the sexy sight of her vulva open to his gaze, his fingers, and of course, his penis.

He can also stimulate her clitoris to give her extra pleasure as he fucks her.

By rocking gently on his heels, he will achieve a comfortable pace of thrusting, although he might want to adopt a more conventional man on top position for the final approach to orgasm (it would probably be more satisfying for both partners).

Sitting sex positions tend to be restful and gentle.

The couple are able to engage emotionally while enjoying the pleasure of resting with his penis inside her body.

She may wish to ride him, either gently or fast, though she may get tired quite quickly.

The advantage here of course is that the couple can then rest again and kiss and cuddle until they are ready to resume faster thrusting, perhaps in a more straightforward sexual position.

The heading of this page isn't meant to imply you have to be some kind of sex graduate to enjoy these positions, but it is fair to say that they need more flexibility, strength and persistence than most of the sex positions on other pages of this website.

If the sight of penile penetration excites you, then this is an ideal position to enjoy sex.

For any man who likes the sight of his partner's bottom, this is obviously exciting.

And the woman may find sensitive spots on the inside of her vagina are stimulated in new and exciting ways by the variations in the angle, depth and speed of penetration which results from these less common sexual positions.

There is another face to face sexual position on the bed that is worth mentioning though it can only be adopted if the woman has very supple thigh muscles and does not tire easily.

She kneels facing the man with her legs apart, and lies back until her head and shoulders are resting on the bed.

This has the effect of arching her back and making her pubic area the peak of the hill formed by her body.

The man places himself above her, puts his penis into her, and leans forward over her.

He must be careful that none of his weight rests on her; it will mostly be taken by his elbows and biceps.

Penetration is deeper in this than in all the other face to face lovemaking positions, except the woman-astride.

But it will only work if the woman can arch herself in this way without discomfort.

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