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Clitoral vs vaginal stimulation

A sample of what women had to say about clitoral vs vaginal play and their capacity to reach orgasm

Clitoral stimulation is more exciting because it tingles and makes the vaginal area pulsate. My body feels warm all over and as it is continued the intensity grows. Vaginal play feels good but it can't make me reach orgasm.

Vaginal stimulation works slower for me than clitoral stimulation. Clitoral play tends to build the excitement faster and the orgasm is more intense - I feel I can grip the penis better. Vaginal stimulation is slower so this can be enjoyable if my sexual need is not intense.

Clitoral stimulation is much more stimulating. There is hardly any sensation with vaginal play. The (clitoral) feeling is highly intense. Sometimes it feels too intense. Vaginal stimulation is much more whole body. It feels good, but not in the same kind of way.

Vaginal stimulation is not as intense as clitoral play. It is slower and less exciting. It seems only to affect that one part of my body, while clitoral stimulation makes almost my whole body react and is much more exciting and quicker.

Note the following representative comments from women who obviously preferred vaginal over clitoral stimulation.

Vaginal play is a more intense feeling and throbbing and an orgasm is reached faster with this, whereas clitoral stimulation is usually done in beginning and the sensations are not as intense.

Clitoral stimulation can be felt more sharply. It is a tickling, uncomfortable feeling. Vaginal play is more pleasing, more comfortable, less intense.

Vaginal stimulation is more deep and satisfying. Clitoral stimulation much longer to reach an equal amount of sexual excitement. Vaginal play causes faster orgasm and is definitely much more intense.

Vaginal stimulation is much better for me. My husband knows how to produce a female orgasm through vaginal stimulation, which makes me feel ecstatic, like I can't control myself. Clitoral stimulation makes me feel good but doesn't excite as fast or as intensely as vaginal.

Vaginal play is more gratifying than clitoral stimulation because it gives me a more whole and complete feeling. It is a deeper feeling than clitoral stimulation and I respond better. Clitoral play does tend to irritate me after a while.

Note the comments of several women who feel that they obtain instant gratification from both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Clitoral stimulation is a more acute sensation; vaginal is somehow broader and vaguer though. It may be just as exciting if I am desirous and ready for it. Clitoral play can excite me at a much earlier phase of love making than can vaginal. Clitoral stimulation can completely physically satisfy me, as it does when I masturbate, but emotionally the vaginal is often necessary since it (intercourse) makes me feel closer to my husband. Vaginal stimulation before intercourse does not usually excite me, although it has sometimes.

Clitoral play has a high intensity -feelings concentrated in one spot. It's a lightness, a spark, almost ticklish sensation. I feel sort of an electricity. I feel the pleasure is all physical. In vaginal stimulation the pleasure is mental or spiritual, a feeling of depth or meaning. A wider area of pleasurable sensation.

It produces a longing or hunger. It is a comforting pleasure. Vaginal stimulation is like a warm bath of pleasure while clitoral is a spark of pleasure. My whole body responds to vaginal play; and it moves and it feels. In clitoral stimulation my body is rigid with expectation of continuing pleasure. Vaginal stimulation is like a hum but clitoral is a high pitched note. From clitoral play my body demands to be satisfied, from vaginal my body is content even if it's not sexually fulfilled.

Clitoral stimulation seems to set off a reaction of feeling that shoots straight up through my entire body through the core of me. Vaginal stimulation feels like I am being filled up - not so much an exciting feeling as clitoral play. Clitoral stimulation sends chills up and down me whereas vaginal stimulation is more of an emotional feeling, rather than a physical one. Clitoral play is a much more intense feeling; presents a feeling of urgency more than vaginal stimulation.

Before sexual intercourse I am stimulated greatly by foreplay involving the clitoris. And even during intercourse, especially right after entry, I am very stimulated by strokes closer to the clitoris and direct stimulation. Right before orgasm, however, I enjoy deeper penetration and more vaginal play. Vaginal stimulation at the very beginning of intercourse is not as pleasurable to me as it is right before orgasm.

Vaginal gives me a full, warm, deep feeling. Can be prolonged. Clitoral is sharp, intense, almost uncomfortably pleasurable. Not enhanced by prolonging (like tickling), but by repetition.

Clitoral stimulation is more intensive and produces a more violent reaction. Vaginal play is much more relaxing and much less intense. I like it.

Vaginal stimulation is soothing and produces a rhythmical rocking and rotating of the pelvis. . . . It is never intense as clitoral stimulation, yet feels extremely good in its own way.

The best analogy I can give is the difference between someone lightly and caressingly stroking your bare back or arm or face and being violently, exhaustingly tickled. The former resembles vaginal, the latter clitoral play.

 Vaginal stimulation soothes me and produces an involuntary contented hum deep in my throat. The vaginal thrusting stimulation of intercourse produces a closeness, a coordination, a sense of oneness unmatched by any other sexual activity.

Impressionistically scanning the comments the women offered, one is struck by how often clitoral play is described with words such as "ticklish," "electrical," and "sharp," whereas vaginal stimulation is more often referred to as "throbbing," "deep," "soothing," and "comfortable." It is difficult to encompass such differences with a simple generalization; and it would be premature to do so without further studies.

Interestingly, there were no differences between the clitoral and vaginally oriented with respect to the degree to which their excitement was involve local or restricted in body areas versus the body as a whole. And those who are apparently either clitorally or vaginally focused may find the non-preferred form of sexual stimulation to be actually uncomfortable.

In any case, the material just cited clearly indicates that women do differ considerably in their reactions to stimulation applied manually clitoris and that experienced when the penis is inserted into the vagina. There may be strong preferences for one or the other but the overall is for clitoral stimulation to be experienced as contributing more to the achievement of orgasm than does vaginal.

Since Kinsey and Masters and Johnson cite evidence that the vagina has few sensory receptors and that penile stimulation does, in fact, indirectly produce a good deal of clitoral arousal, one is left a bit puzzled about why there should be different feeling states associated with clitoral versus vaginal modes of stimulation.

One can only speculate that each of the two forms of stimulation does, in terms of its specific approach, evoke arousal in a somewhat special way.

The vaginal form of sexual stimulation may arouse more intense kinesthetic sensations, may more obviously represent being penetrated and holding a friendly object in one's body, may conform more to the conventional image of union, and may have more "comforting" connotations.

If it is true so-called vaginal arousal and g spot orgasm is (from a physiological perspective) primarily a form of clitoral arousal, the fact remains that it represents an approach that has unique psychological connotations (perhaps because the culture has so long had notions about there being such a uniqueness).

The comments of many of the women concerning their experiences during vaginal intercourse leave little doubt that they perceive it and "feel" it to be more than just a variant on clitoral arousal.

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