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Woman on top sex positions

Sex positions with the woman on top can improve your sense of togetherness and give you new thrills and variations in your sex life. Unfortunately, the woman-astride-on-top positions give the female partner such freedom of movement that she can easily push her partner into an early orgasm unless she knows how far she can go without making him come (although she can always stop moving whenever he says he is getting too near orgasm).

And the very deep penetration involved sometimes stretches the vagina during the more vigorous movements, which some women may find uncomfortable. But the woman astride positions also have several advantages:

The man can caress her clitoris freely during intercourse; in fact, he can keep one finger or a thumb constantly on the clitoris while he uses his other hand to caress her breasts, buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

This is likely to please most women very much. By letting the woman set her own pace and govern the intensity of clitoral and vaginal stimulation, both partners can learn what speed and pressures suit her best.

The experienced woman can experiment until she knows exactly what she wants and needs to reach orgasm; not only can she get it in this position, but she can also show her partner what she would like him to do to her.

Enjoying these sex positions are a good way for a woman to discover her sexually demanding and powerful side! A woman who suppresses her lustful impulses misses out on a vital part of her sexuality; when she takes over the reins of intercourse and rides her man, she comes into her own as an active, passionate partner, which mutually intensifies sex.

It's possible to find a rhythm in the woman on top positions which can speed the woman towards her climax without greatly affecting the man's arousal. So long as the woman keeps her genitals pressed down upon her partner's body, his penis receives no in-and-out friction at all.

She may then bring herself to orgasm with clitoral play while he is inside her. By contrast, if she uses side-to-side movements, rocking motions, and rotary hip-twirling movements, while allowing her partner to simultaneously move in and out as much as he wishes, both partners can receive very intense stimulation and have a chance of simultaneous orgasm.

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There are the main variations of woman on top sex positions.

Sex with the woman laying on top of the man

This is sex with the man laying on his back and the woman laying on him with her legs on either side of his thighs. It's easier to get the penis into the vagina and keep it there if the woman first takes up a crouching position over the man, her legs drawn up and her torso bent over his. Either he or she puts his penis into her in this position, and she then stretches first one leg down and then the other, and lowers her trunk onto her partner's.

Though by putting a pillow under the man's buttocks you can increase the depth of penetration, his penis will never go more than half of its length into her.

There are other advantages, though, for your lovemaking: for example, you can see each other, you can kiss deeply, your hands are free to caress each other's nipples, breasts and other erogenous zones, including the back, the spine, the buttocks, the outer and inner thighs, and the very sensitive backs of her knees.

This sex position requires the woman to make the main movements, and so lets her control how soon she reaches orgasm. This, however, can be a disadvantage if the man has not yet completely mastered control of his own normally faster orgasm and ejaculation.

However, if he reaches orgasm before she does, she can continue thrusting or moving until she comes, while her man lies beneath her, relaxed and enjoying post-orgasm pleasure, which he cannot do when he is above her and needs to thrust.

This sexual position is great when the man is tired and both partners want sex. Even if the man hasn't got a rock hard erection, penetration will still be possible and if she grips his penis with her vaginal muscles, it won't slip out easily.

Woman on top - the man lies on his back with his partner's lower legs outside his thighs

The deep penetration involved in this position may cause pain unless the woman's vagina is well-lubricated and nicely relaxed, so she needs to be well aroused before intercourse commences. One way to achieve this is to start with the woman on her back, then when you're ready, roll over until she is on top. She then half sits on her partner's genitals while resting her weight on her knees.

In this position, she can lean back to make heavy sexual friction by angling the penis in the vagina or lean forward to bring her clitoris firmly against the man's body.

She can move from side to side, rock back and forth or twirl in a level circular motion which combines with her partner's thrusts to produce a unique effect.

A few women find that the an ovary or some other tender structure is pressed by the deeply penetrating penis, with resulting twinges of discomfort during intercourse. The answer is to either move with less exuberance, or adopt one of the other astride sexual positions.

However, most women find that they can move with complete sexual abandon and so produce every type of sexual stimulation which they enjoy or require to reach orgasm.

The man spreads his legs apart and his partner keeps her knees between his thighs

Although she must usually keep her knees a few inches apart to leave room for genital contact, she can support part of her weight upon her elbows if she wishes, or let her body fall against his. A pillow under the man's hips may facilitate penetration for some couples.

This position involves less depth of penetration than the first one described, so it doesn't run the risk of "penetration discomfort". And a woman with a loose vagina can often restore tightness in this position simply by moving her thighs closer together.

The woman sits on his lap facing him, with one leg on either side of his body

This makes foreplay a breeze! Both partners have their hands entirely free and can caress almost all of their sexually sensitive areas in many different ways.

This sexual position also permits a unique form of sexual contact in which the head of the penis lies within the vaginal opening with the woman sitting just far enough back so that it can rub but not penetrate. Her man can bounce her on his lap or make small thrusts while she remains free to rock and slide or writhe from side to side, as he caresses her breasts, buttocks, thighs, and genital area.

She can move from this preliminary position into complete sexual contact simply by sliding forward a few inches, or can settle into an intermediate position where she can rock forward for full sex contact or rock backward for further play.

By mixing these two in just the right proportions to maintain the man's excitement without precipitating his climax, they can keep up mutual stimulation for much longer than in most other sex positions and achieve very pleasant sensations indeed.


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