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For very intense orgasms - try woman on top lovemaking

In this sexual position, the man lies on his back with his legs together, and the woman squats over his pubic area with her knees drawn up to her breasts. The man lifts up his penis until it is pointing straight upward at an angle of ninety degrees to his body.

With it in this sexual position, the woman moves herself over it so that it can go into her with the angle of the penis maintained at right angles with the man's body.

She then lowers herself, with his penis inside her, until she is sitting firmly on his upper hips, the lower part of her pubic area resting on his lower belly.

Actual penetration is now the deepest that can be achieved, because the posture of the woman greatly shortens the vaginal passage, and is equaled only in one other, which I shall describe in a moment.

To experience sensations from the deepest part of her vagina, the woman must sit upright.

If she bends her body forward more than twenty or thirty degrees the sensations almost cease, but return as soon as she sits upright again.

Some women find that by remaining upright and encouraging the sensations, within seconds they will develop into an exquisite experience; indeed, a woman may find it almost unbearably pleasurable; she may cry out with pleasure.

If the sensations become too much to bear, all she has to do to obtain relief is lean forward until they reduce in intensity.

When the intensity has reduced, if she returns to the upright position, the sensations return; and each time the process is repeated, the more the intensity increases, so that without making any movement other than leaning forward and sitting back she might even be able to reach orgasm.


If at the same time, her man stimulates one of her nipples with one hand, and her clitoris with a finger or knuckle of the other, the combination with the vaginal sensations bring about the most intense orgasm a woman can experience. Indeed, a woman may be so overcome that she may lose consciousness for a couple of seconds.

For the man, the feelings produced by the best sexual positions and the best techniques are very good too.

They come from the stretching of the skin covering the shaft of the penis, which takes place automatically when his partner enjoys woman on top sex and sits firmly on his upper thighs with his penis inside her.

This stretching of the skin of the shaft pulls on the nerve-packed frenulum and sets up in these nerves and in the equally sensitive glans, a set of unique sensations which can't be obtained in any other way.

These sensations begin as soon as the stretching is applied and they gradually build up.

During this build-up you feel exquisite ripples of excitement which permeate your belly, penis, scrotal area, thighs and right up in the crotch and the anal area; and the build-up is slower than the rate of increase in sexual tension with any other form of stimulation.

In particularly sensitive men, this response is further enlarged at a certain point by the sensations jumping from the belly to the nipples!

Some men can bring themselves at least to the verge of reaching orgasm by the stimulation of the nipples alone.

Be this as it may, if you are nipple-sensitive, the special sensations I am describing can be extended to practically the whole of your body as you enjoy the sex position described above if your partner, without bending forward, can caress your nipples with her fingers.

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One important point to note is this: generally, a woman's sexual sensations are felt in almost every part of her body regardless of where direct stimulation is applied.

However, a man's response is concentrated in his penis and scrotal area, and the immediately surrounding areas, until he is on the verge of orgasm.

In this particular sex position the sensations are unique in that they cover an area almost as extensive as the man's orgasm does.

Since the build-up is slower you can see how specially attractive the possibility of this extended experience is.

Nor is this all. Added to the slow build-up for a man is the ability to prolong the sensation period.

If you both take up the woman on top sex position for lovemaking and the woman remains motionless, the constant steady pressure on the frenulum will eventually bring you to orgasm, while the lengthwise stretching of her shortened vagina will bring your partner to orgasm without either of you having to make any movement.

However, if the woman wants to prolong the sensations, all she has to do is to lean her body forward, because in so doing she decreases the depth of penis penetration and her vagina is no longer so fully stretched.

When she leans forward like this, she also removes the stretching pressure from the man's frenulum, and his sensations subside as well.

The moment she sits upright again the sensations recommence in both of you, and with each recurrence their intensity will increase.

When you do eventually bring yourselves to orgasm in this way, both of you will experience an intensity of sexual pleasure which can be achieved in no other sexual position.

Even if your woman does not normally make any sounds after the point-of-no-return is reached beyond heavy breathing, do not be surprised if she gives little moans of pleasure and goes on making such sounds at ever-decreasing intervals as the sensation builds up.

At the moment of orgasm she may cry out quite loudly. You, too, may find yourself crying out when you come.

It is possible that the first time a couple has sex in this position, the woman will experience sensations which she interprets as hurting her, and which may be so strong that she will protest she cannot go on with it.

This is most likely to occur if the man's penis is seven inches or longer, or if her vagina is a little short, or has not been stretched by childbirth.

She should persevere, leaning forward to reduce the depth of penetration and then sitting back very slowly.

As soon as the pressure becomes unbearable she should lean forward again, pause for a moment, and then slowly raise herself upright again, each time going a little further back, until she is at last sitting absolutely upright.

In this way the vagina will be stretched slowly and ultimately will be able to take the penis without any pain.

Some women find that sex in the woman on top sexual position gives them a stiffness in the calf muscles and a slight ache in their back before they have maintained it for very long.

There is, however, a variation which avoids this, because it gives the woman a better balance and allows her to rest some of her weight on her hands if she wants to.

She kneels astride her partner and above his pubic area, and when his penis has been put into her, she sits down so that the backs of her thighs rest on her calves and her buttocks on his upper thighs.


She must sit up straight, that is not bend forward, to get the fullest penetration, which she can reduce as she leans forward.

The only disadvantage of this position variation is that the stretching is not quite so extensive as in the squatting position, and the sensations during sex for both partners are not quite so intense, but still out of the ordinary.

All the woman on top sexual positions can be varied by the woman mounting her man with her back to his face.


These reverse positions have little to recommend them, except that the vaginal sensations are somewhat different for the woman, because the penis, which usually goes into the vagina with the ridge of the head upward so that it rubs against the vagina ceiling, now enters so that the ridge is in contact with the floor.

The effect of this is noticeable to the woman, but it won't feel much different to the man. But a change and a bit of variety will help to keep your sex lives fresh.