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Rear Entry Sexual Positions

Rear entry sex positions - the sexiest sex position?

We tend to think of rear entry sex positions (vaginal sex, that is, not anal sex) as involving the woman on all fours and the man entering her as he stands behind her. Yet as these images show, rear entry positions can take several forms. Note how he is gently caressing her vulva.

We know that the vast majority of women will reach orgasm if they enjoy 20 minutes or more of foreplay, though they may not come during vaginal intercourse, but rather through mutual caressing as shown here.

In this image the man is snuggling his partner from behind as he reaches around to caress her breasts. He can also reach her clitoris and she can enjoy the feel of his penis as the couple prepare for intercourse. This is a good position for deep penetration.
Here's the classic form of the rear entry sexual position. The man stands or kneels behind his partner while she presents her vulva to him. This tends to be very exciting for men, who are turned on by the sight of their partner's bottom, with her most secret places presented to his view for one reason only.

There's something incredibly exciting for a man in the deepest level of his being when he knows a woman has accepted him in this way.

The couple will get different sensations from variations in rear entry positions, such as this one, where she has lowered her head and raised her bottom. This will make her vagina tighter and alter the depth of penetration.

He must be careful not to hit her cervix as he thrusts since this position allows the deepest penetration of almost all sexual positions.

An interesting variation of rear entry sex is for the man to remain still and for the woman to slide back and forth along his cock. She can show her wild sexual desires if she feels really turned on, and since she is in control of sex, she is more likely to get the pleasure she needs.

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By lifting her legs, the woman is altering the tightness of her vagina and clenching his penis more tightly. This position is likely to make men come rather quickly unless they have discovered a way to stop premature ejaculation:
One issue for some women in taking this rather subordinate role in sex (i.e., being taken from behind, without necessarily being able to see her partner's face) is that they may feel like a sex object.

Rear entry can therefore be a sexual position best reserved for when a couple are feeling especially horny, or when the woman wishes to give her man a really special treat. This may be the kind of extremely arousing position which a man can use to overcome overcome difficulty in reaching the point of ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

The next set of photos shows that rear entry position are not limited to lying down or kneeling positions. If the couple are the right height for him to find easy access to her vagina, they can enjoy intercourse while kneeling up like this, although thrusting may be a challenge if the couple are not to fall forward. She can brace herself against a wall to stop this happening.
One advantage of this position is that he can reach around and play with her clitoris and vulva to ensure she receives more sexual pleasure.

It is also possible, as you can see in this image, to kiss. While being a powerful turn-on for most men, rear entry positions also allow a woman to enjoy the wild sexual side of her nature.

Such an intimate embrace adds to the feeling of closeness for the partners as they make love. As in all sex positions, it may sometimes be necessary for a couple to adjust the height of one or other partners by using cushions or suitable furniture to alter their relative height.
In this image you can see how rear entry sex can allow the couple to stroke each other all over. This adds to the eroticism of the experience and may make it feel less impersonal. Another way of connecting is to place a mirror in front of the couple so they can see each other's eyes and can enjoy looking at each other as they make love. And if the mirror is positioned to the side, the man can enjoy the sight of himself, although this may make him come very quickly.
And lastly, to prove that you can find new ways to have sex even if you start from the more familiar positions like rear entry, this is a combination of side by side and rear entry which allows a greater degree of intimacy between the two partners with all the eroticism of watching the act of penetration.

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