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Man penetrates his partner from behind - rear entry sex

A lot of women find sex in this position very exciting. There's something very primal, very animalistic, about it which adds to the thrill of it.

But not only does this sexual position excite many women, it can be a real thrill for men, too, who often find it is the most arousing position in their sexual repertoire.

Rear entry sex is so exciting because it allows deep penetration and gives a feeling of "being taken" (for women) or "taking" your partner (for men), but mostly because it's simply more raunchy than romantic.

There are many ways to enjoy rear entry sex, so why not ring the changes and see which you enjoy most?

You can have the woman lying on the bed, with the man lying on top of her (or, if the man's penis is flexible and long enough, he can kneel on the bed with one leg each side of her thighs and direct his penis into her vagina from behind and above).

Alternatively, have the women kneeling on all fours, with the man kneeling behind her, or, if she is on the edge of the bed, the man can stand behind her.

Lastly, the woman can simply stand up and bend forwards to give her partner access to her vagina.

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Advantages Of Rear Entry Sex

If you are a woman who likes G spot stimulation, rear entry sexual positions are a great way to get extra sexual pleasure and physical excitement from the pressure of your partner's penis against this highly sensitive area of your vagina.

This stimulation is all about the angle of the penis in the vagina.

Unfortunately rear entry sex is so exciting that many men come very quickly - the sight of themselves banging their partner's buttocks as they thrust, together with the sight of their penis entering and withdrawing from their partner is just too erotic for them to last a long time before they ejaculate.

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It can also be very exciting to enjoy rear entry sex in front of a mirror so you can see exactly what is happening as you make love.

This may increase a man's arousal and help him to ejaculate quickly - which is useful when he needs added stimulation to reach orgasm quickly.

This might be worth trying if the man has delayed ejaculation. This is a condition in which men cannot ejaculate at all during sex, or can only ejaculate with great difficulty.

This may sound strange, when premature ejaculation is so rampant among male lovers, but it's certainly no joke for a man who has the problem.

It's also known as retarded ejaculation, which aptly describes exactly how the problem manifests, in that intercourse can last for hours, should the couple be determined enough, and the man still won't be able ejaculate.

Approaches from the rear

Another sexual position which guarantees womanly comfort is that in which the man approaches from behind rather than from in front of his partner: the easiest position for this approach finds both partners lying on their sides.

The lying-on-sides posture with approach from the rear

In this sex position, the woman lies on her side with her knees drawn partially up. Her man lies on the same side just behind her, with his chest fairly far away from her back in order to bring the angle of the penis and the vagina into alignment.

This sex position gives little chance of achieving an orgasm for the woman since it permits little sexual stimulation of the clitoris.

The man can get a lot of satisfaction at any stage, although the opportunity for his partner to contribute either sexual movement or caresses is somewhat limited.

When either fatigue or limited flexibility or a desire for a change means the woman prefers a more passive and inactive role, she can let her man enjoy the riches of her body by means of entry from the rear while she lies on her side.

Variety like this - using different sex positions from time to time - can contribute something to your sex life as a couple, and there is little strain upon the woman. If extra lube is needed, use a water based lube with condoms.

Rear entry sex permits a great deal of fondling and extra stimulation during intercourse.

The man has both hands free and can use them on breasts, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and even on the clitoris.

However, he may find his ability to control premature ejaculation rather limited in this sex position, because it's so arousing.

Approach from the rear and the woman astride positions allow caressing of the clitoris during intercourse more easily than other postures, and so allow the possibility of a woman's orgasm during intercourse.

Other approaches from the rear

You can also enjoy rear entry sex in several other positions. The woman can get up on her hands and knees, then lower her chest to the bed (usually with a pillow underneath to increase comfort) while the man kneels behind her.

This sexual position occasionally leads to pregnancy in women who have otherwise been unable to conceive, because the discharged semen tends to pool right at the mouth of the uterus.

It also permits somewhat more vigorous sexual thrusting than you can enjoy while lying on your sides, and it also involves some extra friction due to the angle of the penis in the vagina. During intercourse and, should the woman achieve it, orgasm the man can enjoy stroking, kneading and clutching caresses of the woman's thighs, buttocks and back.

The variety of both genital and bodily stimulation make the woman-kneeling approach a pleasing sexual variant. However, male thrusts tend to be deep and fast, and the woman's position is quite fatiguing so most couples make intercourse in this position rather quick.

Though it may not bother you, you can also get noises like farts as you make love which result from a tendency of the vagina to suck in air in this position as the man thrusts.

If you need a lot of variations to keep your sex life exciting, you can also try the approach-from-the-rear with both partners standing or with the man standing while the woman kneels at the edge of the bed.

The woman's strained muscles may add a kind of exciting quivering sensation in these somewhat positions...all of which adds to the variety!