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Seated Lovemaking Positions

For new and different sexual experiences, face to face seated sexual positions are an obvious option. The man sits on a chair with his legs either stretched out before him, or parted and placed to the back so that his genitals are pushed forward.

The woman then stands astride him, lowers herself on to his penis and when entrance has been made, sits firmly on his legs.

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More About Sitting and Kneeling Sex


Penetration is reasonably deep, but there are other advantages which no other intercourse position permits.

For instance, when you make love in a sitting position, all the erogenous zones of the woman's back and thighs are within easy reach of his hands.

If the woman leans back with her hands on the man's shoulders, he can readily stimulate a nipple with his mouth.

Kissing, both on the lips, on the erotic zones of the throat and shoulders, and deep kissing are possible and he can stimulate her clitoris with a finger more easily than in any other position.

The woman can reach down and stroke his lower belly, or stimulate his nipples with her fingers, and a hand around behind him can put the necessary pressure on his erector centre.

This position can be reversed, the woman sitting on her man's lap with her back to him.

He can reach around her and stimulate both a nipple and the clitoris simultaneously, while caressing her spine and the erotic zones on her shoulders and the nape of her neck with his tongue.

She, on the other hand, can fondle his testicles gently and lightly run the tips of her fingers along that portion of the underside of shaft of his penis which cannot enter the vagina.

(Except in the woman-astride sexual positions there is always a portion of the underside of the shaft of the penis exposed, no matter how deep the penetration is, due to the fact that the penis shaft is always longer on the underside than on the upper side.)

Another face to face seated sexual position which can be very satisfactory requires the woman to sit on a table, on cushions to bring her pubic area level with yours.

However if the table is a high one, the man should stand on something firm so that the tip of his penis is pointed at a spot halfway between the table and her navel.

She opens her legs so he can put his penis into her, whereupon she puts her legs round his hips and crosses her feet behind him. Both partners' hands are free to caress the accessible erotic zones.

One of the most stimulating caresses in this position is a mutual activity in which the woman, with a hand around each breast, rubs her nipples against the man's while he stimulates her clitoris with a finger.

Alternatively she strokes his lower belly with one hand and caresses his spine and buttocks with the other; or she can fondle his testicles while he stimulates one of her nipples with one hand and her clitoris with the other.

The Seated Position For Intercourse

When a couple make love seated, they can do it face to face or facing in the same direction. In the face to face variation,

the man is seated and the woman is suspended across his thighs, with her thighs apart.

I use the term "suspended" because, strictly speaking, the woman is not seated at all; her buttocks are not supported, for the man's knees are held apart, thus allowing him to open the woman's thighs, expose her vagina, and lift or lower her pelvis at will.

Having made sure she is at the right height, he inserts his penis - his partner can increase or modify the intensity of friction in her pubic and clitoral region, by rhythmic movement of her pelvis to and fro.

The couple can adjust the angle at which their pelvises meet, and the depth of penetration will change accordingly.

If she decreases the angle of her pelvis as much as possible, and protrudes her vulva forwards and towards her partner, he can respond with a similar movement of his pelvis so that his penis presses forward deeply into her vagina.

The whole mutual rhythm is assisted by the man clasping his partner's hips and thighs and pressing them against his own.

When the couple have achieved maximum penetration, they can enjoy muscular vibrations of the penis and the vaginal walls.

Another advantage: when the couple are well-matched in size (of their genitals, that is!) there's the chance of establishing mutual friction between the mouth of the womb and the tip of the penis; since both partners can move freely this offers another dimension to the experience of lovemaking.

(Although this freedom involves the possibility of uneven movement, of failing to "keep pace" with one another, and thus falling into an awkward, unequal rhythm.)

What are the disadvantages?

 Well, the seated position does not provide the extreme intensity at the moment of orgasm which may be experienced when the man is laying on his back and the woman is seated astride on top of him.

So why try it?

 For one thing, this position allows stimulation of the clitoris more powerfully perhaps than any other, and enables the man, if necessary, to entirely play the active part. It's also good during pregnancy, being restful and relaxing.

The seated position, facing the same way

The seated man can make love to his partner as she sits on him, facing in the same direction as he does.

The man separates his thighs slightly, but the woman spreads hers as widely as possible in order to open her vulva and facilitate approach.

There is a slight risk of the phallus losing its direction during the rhythmic movements of coitus, and slipping out - this can be avoided if the woman increases the angle of her pelvis (i.e. arches her pelvis) and simultaneously leans forward while the man leans back.

In this way you can enjoy deep penetration by the phallus. It goes without saying that the woman must be seated far enough back to allow this.

When the woman has some experience, she can execute a sort of rotary "corkscrew" movement, which, when enhanced by corresponding movements of the man, produces something like the sensations of the woman on top position.

(She can do this when facing her partner, too.) But the result never equals what can be enjoyed "astride".

However, on the other hand, when both organs are well-matched in size and shape, it's possible to enjoy stimulation of the glans against the mouth of the womb.

This friction produces pleasing sensations when seated face to face, or when the woman is on top, astride. The stimulation in this sexual position is less acute, however, because the penetration is less deep, and the penis and cervix are not quite so close together.

Thus, on the whole, this "seated from behind" attitude has fewer advantages than some other variations and methods.

It is generally adopted because lovemaking can be easily and conveniently combined with erotic play and manual caresses.