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Sex Positions and Techniques Sex Survey

The results of our sex survey, held in July 2010. Over 450 readers are the main questions, and some of the narrative answers they gave.

1. How often do you have sexual intercourse?

Once a month or less 13.0%
From 2 to 4 times a month 18.0%
From 5 to 7 times a month 17.0%
From 8 to 11 times a month 11.0%
12 or more times a month 41.0%

2. And how often do you use the following positions:

Man on top with both partners lying down (missionary) 17.0%
Man on top with woman's legs around man 15.0%
Man on top with woman's legs raised in the air 11.0%
Woman on top lying flat on her man, facing him 6.0%
Woman on top lying flat on her man, facing upwards 2.0%
Woman on top, sitting facing him 13.0%
Woman on top, sitting facing away from him 1.0%
Rear entry with woman kneeling 14.0%
Rear entry with woman lying flat on bed 6.0%
Kneeling or sitting 2.0%
Standing facing each other 4.0%
Standing with man behind woman 2.0%
Spoons - side by side, man behind woman, chest to back 5.0%
Spoons - side by side, man facing woman 2.0%

3. Tell us, what position do you like most, and why?

  • Woman on top because it goes really high up my pussy.

  • Woman on top, less work for me.

  • Dog style it's so good.

  • When I lie on my stomach because I don't have to do anything.

  • doggy, because of the view.

  • Rear entry with woman kneeling.

  • man sitting on couch, woman on top. Because it not only hits the g-spot but the clitoris is rubbed against his body, and you're in control of the speed.

  • My favorite sex position is woman on top lying flat on her man, facing upward. The reason is because it makes me have an orgasm quicker. It feels really good and when I make eye contact with my partner it turns me on so much!

  • anal, it hurts.

  • doggy style feels tight and I can grab her ass and tits.

  • man on top with my legs around him. Less work and more enjoyment for me.

  • him on top because he is doing all the work and because he's in total control I also like from the back because we are both in control because I can throw thrust back and he can shove it in hard.

  • missionary, I get an orgasm every time.

  • Spoons - side by Side, man facing woman... the reason is feeling more love for my woman.

  • Doggie style. I like to look at my wife's big round ass.

  • Doggy style because it is the best way for me to get off.

  • Cowgirl. I love it when a girl bounces up and down on my cock like it's a pogo stick.

  • Penetrating from back side. Because it gives me a rush

  • Kneeling because it feels good.

  • My favorite sex position is doggy style. I love it because of deeper penetration.

  • Anal because it is tight.

  • Rear entry, it feels the best on my dick.

  • I like standing and propping one leg up on a chair or dresser drawer.

  • The Deckchair Position with a pillow under her hips is our favorite because it gives me control to go as fast and hard as I want and the pillows allow me to hit her G-spot directly. I can also lower my hips and imagine that I am entering her anally. That allows better direction to the G-spot.

  • woman's leg on countertop and me in a chair because she moves up, down, left, right, etc - wow!

  • Guy on top because I like it rough, and that way he can have a position to go in harder.

  • 69! My man eats me out well

  • Rear entry with woman lying flat. It gives great satisfaction for both partners

  • doggie style because it feels great.

  • doggy style because of deeper penetration

  • missionary, she's wrapped around me.

  • woman on top because you can get it in deep

  • doggie style, because it goes deeper

  • cowgirl because it gives me an orgasm

  • Doggy because he goes in really deep

  • Rear entry - I like the way it feels and the site of my partners behind

  • Oral sex - I like the way it feels

  • hit from back feels good

  • Woman on top....I like to see her in control


  • I like to have her legs wrapped around the back of my head it feels best.

  • 69 position because it makes me really horny

  • rear entry it feels good

  • man on top, and from behind because he hits the spot

  • me on top because I am in control

  • doggy style because he has a deeper control and can smack that ass

  • Woman on top facing me. I love the way my wife rocks her hips.

  • Doggie style for deep penetration

  • Doggy style it has the best feel of getting my partner's dick way inside of me.

  • Man on top with woman's legs around man

  • girl on top because I can control everything.

  • Me on top sitting and facing him so he can give it to me real deep.

  • Rear entry, because they are more satisfying, stimulate my G-spot and I get an orgasm.

  • Cowgirl because it feels good like I have control

  • standing facing each other because it just feels too good when I fuck her.

  • like to be on top, because I enjoy it more

  • me lying face down with legs closed and extended behind. My partner lying on top entering from behind. I never asked why it feels good for him but for me I can feel him inside me and it stimulates my clitoris

  • Rear entry with woman kneeling. My wife finds it the most comfortable and stimulating position. I'm happy with any position but I certainly like the view with rear entry.

  • Man on top because it is the only way my boyfriend's huge penis doesn't hurt me

  • standing holding partner off the ground. gives a more powerful thrust which pleasures both of us

  • I love it doggy style - it allows me to feel my man's penis in me

4 Do you ever fantasize about someone other than your partner when you are having sex with them?

Yes, often 13.0%
Yes, sometimes 11.0%
yes, occasionally 14.0%
No 62.0%

5 How often do you masturbate? (choose the nearest answer)

Every day 17.1%
Two or three times a week 22.4%
Once a week 11.8%
Once every ten days 3.9%
Once every two weeks 5.3%
Once a month 39.5%

6 When you masturbate, what do you fantasize about or use to turn yourself on and reach orgasm? (You can select as many answers as you want.)

Internet porn - very hard core (BDSM, etc) 10.5%
Internet porn - hard core (intercourse) 31.6%
Gay or bisexual porn 17.1%
Soft core porn (nudes) 11.8%
Fantasy about my partner 64.5%
Fantasy about other men 11.8%
Fantasy about other women 31.6%
Other fantasy 19.7%

7 MEN: Do you ever have anal sex with your female partner?

Never 63.3%
Occasionally 15.0%
Sometimes 13.3%
Often 8.3%

8 MEN: Do you ever enjoy like to be penetrated anally?

Yes, while having sex 12.3%
Yes, while masturbating 10.5%
No, but stimulation around my anus is fun 19.3%
No 57.9%

9 How often do you have oral sex?

Occasionally 27.6%
Sometimes 23.7%
Frequently 25.0%
All the time 23.7%

10 Do you have any special fantasy? (selection of answers...more soon!)

  • I just want a man that is thick. Size doesn't matter. A man just needs to completely fill my space. And smell delicious with nice teeth. Clean shaven. No pimples on chest because that's where I like to touch

  • A 69 and coming in her mouth, or coming in her then licking it out of her pussy

  • It's nice when both people come at the same time. I've always fantasized about having sex in the ocean. my ideal man could look like anyone, physique is not overly important. I wish sex could always last 10-20 minutes. it's a good amount of time. Ideally you wouldn't want it too be much shorter, but if it goes for ages, you'd just get sore.

  • to suck his penis.

  • sucking penis and getting anal.

  • whipping them

  • anal.

  • I like screaming

  • making love on the beach while the sun set

  • if I could do anything during sex it would be to go for hours and hours and cum together

  • another partner, male or female. I'd like to be fucked anally by another man

  • I would want a foursome. Three women and one guy. I wouldn't mind eating off each other's bodies. My ideal woman would have Angelina Jolie's lips. She would have an ass that is big but not nasty. She would have stubble hair on her pussy but not really long hair. Her boobs would be a C cup with a tattoo on her left one. And since I go for the freaky side of things: she would weigh about 189 pounds. And her hair would be brunette with blonde highlights.

  • I just want to have sex, my partner should have big boobs, I just want to have sex with her no matter how!

  • I would want to have sex forever

  • I just want her to be so active when I fuck her

  • Have My Dear Love in charge, Doggy style and blowjob from her, Licking My scrotum

  • Anally fuck her doggy style, or fuck a girl from behind when she rides a bike - she must be 34 24 36 and should do a blow job for me as well

  • that my girl yells dirty words and scolds me

  • I would just like my wife to enjoy sex more often than now. And to be more willing to do more things

  • I have had two partners in my life and I got into the game late. I've never had sex that was just physical so I sometimes fantasize about having multiple partners or having sex with my wife in the presence of others.

  • I fantasize about fucking her while she's giving birth and breast feeding and sticking my hand in her vagina and ass

  • I like to please my partner and I especially like to wait and cum together with her, that's a real turn on

  • Get or give rear penetration. Anything with another guy. Telling my friend I'm bi. Cute and not too tall. He'd be my soul mate.

  • threesome with with an extra girl

  • I like when we have oral sex then she lets me penetrate her from the rear. That is a real turn on

  • I have never eaten pussy but I love when women give me a blowjob

  • Just sex more often with wife who has lost her libido

  • Married 34 years, sex for 35 years. Tried most positions. Sex 6-7 times per week has fallen to 4-5 per week with age. We're both in our early 60s. Wish we could still have regular sex twice a day at least. Would just like to go totally wild for hours on end with the ability to cum more than twice in that time. Have sex with a another woman with my wife watching and helping. Ideal woman would also be tall, slender brunette like my wife, and also hot sex loving. Would love my wife to do cream pies rather than wipe my cum away before I can see it. I keep a sex diary and we've had sex 7486 times since 1976 (as at 31 May 2010)

  • I want to feel a guy's dick deep in my pussy just pushing it way in. My fantasy would be having both a guy and girl in bed. I want a tall guy with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, thick lips, and big hands to wrap around me. For a woman I want a tall woman with a round ass and thin waist and size C boobs with thick thighs. For my partner to have complete control and to tell me what he wants and show me give me direction. I want the full and total rough sex experience including scratching and spanking and hair pulling and force.

  • I am not the most confident person in bed therefore have not tried many positions etc. I don't think I've ever really thought about anything I'd like to do.

  • I would like my partner to be well-endowed and adventurous, but no sick stuff like anal sex or multiple partners at the same time. Just great, passionate, primal and intimate sex.

  • I have always dreamed of being stranded n a island with 100 sexy women (not my wife) and having sex with all of them each day

  • I would like him to (want to) perform oral sex on me as often as I do on him. I would like to make love to him in water, a bathtub at a beach at night, on the 20th floor with the curtains open, in his car

  • I'd love to have sex with 3 or more women.

  • my ideal partner would have slightly large tits, an ass that's soft and bouncy and a slightly chubby tummy and great curves

  • I want to have more and longer orgasms

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