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How Not To Cure Premature Ejaculation!

Thinking About Taxes Or Roadkill

Youíd think this would work, wouldnít you? And yet the truth is, trying to distract yourself from whatís going on during sex is completely ineffective as a means of overcoming premature ejaculation. You see, the thing is this: to be fully present in sex you need to have your mind on what youíre doing.

To enjoy sex as much as possible, you need to have your mind on what youíre doing. For your partner to feel that youíre really with her, enjoying love-making, you need to have your mind on what youíre doing.

And above all, to be aware of how near ejaculation you are, you need to have your mind on what youíre doing.

When you take your mind off the subject, so to speak, and start thinking about taxes and roadkill, several things can happen. First, you might lose your erection, which I guess is actually a pretty good cure for premature ejaculation. (Irony, my friend.)

Second, as soon as you lose awareness of how aroused you are, you lose the ability to control when you come. And third, sex just isnít a great experience for you or your partner.

Diagnosis: donít even go there. Now, having said that, there is a role for mind power in controlling premature ejaculation. The same energies which make it possible to visualize a desired outcome and watch it manifest in your life will allow you to overcome premature ejaculation.

Pills and Potions Bought on the Internet

Oh please, donít tell me you think you can buy some mysterious potion off the Internet and hope that it actually helps you to overcome your tendency to ejaculate prematurely?

Werenít all those years of penis enlargement scams enough to reveal just how dishonest the snake oil salesmen can be? The truth is, there arenít any herbs, there arenít any pills, and there arenít any mysterious Far Eastern remedies on the Internet that will cure your premature ejaculation. Furthermore, if you mysteriously do decide to buy these things, and later realize they were a complete scam and try to get your money backÖ well, good luck.

Diagnosis: Waste of time and money.

Squeezing Your PC Muscles To Stop Yourself Ejaculating

Itís a common suggestion on the Internet: just squeeze those muscles, the ones you use to stop yourself peeing, just before you ejaculate, and bingo! No more coming too soon for you! Unfortunately itís complete garbage!

You simply cannot stop yourself ejaculating by squeezing your PC muscles when you start to come.

All that happens is you carry on ejaculating anyway, and the feelings of orgasm are ruined (in fact, you wonít have any sense of pleasure at all, and your juices will dribble out weakly.).

Where this myth came from I donít know, but if I have the time one day Iíll research it and let you know.

In the meantime, take it from me that the only way to use the PC muscle to control a rapid ejaculation is to squeeze it briefly during foreplay or lovemaking at regular intervals.

This will have the effect of softening your erection and reducing your arousal, thereby allowing you to make sex last longer. As it happens, the treatment program that Iím recommending on this page has lots more information about this technique.

Diagnosis: Buy the program shown in the top right hand column of this page and get the truth about PC muscle control!

The Stop-Start Method and Squeeze Technique

Well, these were the first behavioral techniques developed for men to extend the delay before they ejaculated. And to some extent, they do work.

The problem is that you need a helping hand ó by which I mean you need somebody to talk you through it, and you need somebody alongside you after the training period is over to keep you motivated and on track.

Not perhaps literally alongside you in the bedroom, but certainly helping and advising you about how to maintain the results you achieve during the training program. Without a lot of motivation, and a high level of commitment from the man, the fact is that these programs tend to lose their effectiveness over time.

In Masters and Johnsonsí research study, after 12 months of practice, the failure rate was about 3%. (Which means three couples in every hundred were coming just as fast as before. Which means 97 had complete control of ejaculation.)

But in fact nothing like this success rate has ever really been achieved since. The reason seems to be that therapists can train people to control the delay in ejaculation very well using these techniques, but then, without support, the man stops using the techniques or loses motivation and gradually begins to ejaculate just as quickly as before. So without a lot of motivation and commitment, this isnít going to work.

Diagnosis: Do it if you want to overcome premature ejaculation and you have high motivation to keep you going. Better, get the treatment program I recommend and never have to worry about coming too quickly again!

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