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sexual positionsThis classic rear entry position is very exciting for the man, but it may be difficult for you both to remain stable if you are making love on a bed. If possible, a better option is for the man to stand at the side of the bed while his partner presents her vulva to him whilst kneeling on the bed. The hard rear-entry position thrusting which can excite many women by hitting their G-spot may not be possible if you are both balancing on the bed.

sexual positionsHowever, if you can remain safely upright, it may be even more exciting for the man if his partner lowers her head. This has overtones of submissiveness, and/or will allow him to pull her hair, which some women like.

sexual positionsThe more she lowers her head, the tighter her vagina will become, which can add different sensations and greater pleasure for both partners.

sexual positionsIf the woman moves her head around the couple can kiss as shown here. The man can also reach his partner's clitoris more easily than he can in the sexual positions shown above.

sexual positionsIf she faces away from her man, and kneels in a more upright position while he takes her from behind, he can fondle her breasts and has more access to kiss her neck and shoulders. He will not be able to do much thrusting since the couple are balanced rather precariously! To get the full benefit of this position, try having sex on the floor while facing a wall, so that she can brace herself as her man thrusts. This may also be uncomfortable if the guy's erection is not at the right angle. Stop and try something different if it is uncomfortable for either of you!

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sexual positionsThis is a position the couple are likely to find themselves in near the start of lovemaking. It is good for kissing, fondling, holding and then moving into oral sex. If you want to enjoy penetration, however, the photo below shows a sex position which naturally emerges from the foreplay shown on the left.

sexual positionsWhen a couple take the position shown here, she can easily reach down to play with her partner's penis and balls. Again, stability may be an issue, and sex may be easier on a soft floor covering, like a woolen rug lying on a hard floor. Nonetheless, this is a very exciting position and can be great fun for a couple whose bodies are similarly proportioned. Otherwise, penetration can be difficult.

sexual positionsThe sexual position shown above naturally segues into this one as she leans back with her man supporting her. She needs to support herself with her arms - see the sex position photograph to see how that works - but if he has a hard upright erection she is going to get potentially exquisite stimulation on her G-spot as she leans back. Unfortunately he may find it rather tricky to thrust effectively while he is supporting her like this. As always, the golden rule is to try sex in this position and see if it works for you!

sexual positionsIt's also possible for the woman to ride her partner's penis if she takes the position shown here during sex. He must lean back to balance her weight: if he leans back far enough, she will not need to use one hand behind her as depicted here to support herself.

sexual positionsShe can then give sex an added thrill by riding up and down his cock - this has the benefit of putting her in charge of the pace and timing of his orgasm and perhaps her own, if she can reach a high enough level of arousal to achieve orgasm as she rides him. (Though this may, of course, depend on how long he can keep going before he comes!)

sexual positionsThese are all variations which emerge naturally from the sitting sex position shown above. As you can see, the position is a good one for kissing, caressing and even gazing into each other's eyes. He has a superb opportunity to fondle her breasts if she leans back slightly.

sexual positionsAnd, should raw passion take over, he can lower her onto the bed and the couple can complete their lovemaking in classic man on top position with hard and/or deep penile thrusting as they choose!

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