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More about man on top sex positions

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Man on top sex positionIt's the bread and butter of sex for most couples: the good old man on top position. You might call it sex as nature intended (unless that description better fits rear entry sex!)

But most couples will be familiar with variations of the man on top position as a staple of their sex life.

In the photo shown above, the woman has her legs back, with her knees near her chest. This allows deeper penetration, which can be physically and emotionally satisfying for both partners.

Man on top sex positionSince deep penetration is so fulfilling for a man, his partner may enjoy giving him the chance to get deep into her vagina by raising her legs as shown in more detail here.

This can be very satisfying for her too, especially if she enjoys the sensations of being "taken" by her man: many women report that they feel safe, protected and secure while enjoying sex in the man on top position.

For men who have difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating, i.e., men who have inhibited ejaculatory responses and need some kind of treatment for delayed ejaculation, this sex position may be helpful since it provides comparatively more pressure on the man's penis than some other positions (such as side by side sex) and may therefore give him the greatest chance of reaching orgasm during intercourse.

Man on top sexIt is, of course, equally possible for the woman to wrap her legs around her man.

This can give him a delightful sense of being trapped, unable to get away, and thus feeling certain that his partner really wants him to ejaculate inside her, which she may see as the ultimate symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

In addition, when he brings his body forward and upwards along his partner's body, he has much more chance of being able to stimulate her clitoris with the base of his penis as he moves in and out of her vagina.

This can help her to reach orgasm, something that is often not possible for a woman from vaginal thrusting alone.

Man on top sexFor an added thrill, he can kneel up and see his penis moving in and out of his partner's body as he thrusts.

She has the pleasure of feeling wanton, and enjoying the sense of her sexual power and attractiveness as she watches him appreciating the opening of her vulva and the sight of his penis entering her.

Man on top sexIn this delightful close-up, the pleasure of the woman as she reaches orgasm is intensified by her legs being raised, which tightens the muscles of her vagina and pelvic region.

By the way, she has reached orgasm through manual stimulation of her clitoris - which simply means that as her partner enjoyed thrusting, he was also giving her pleasure by playing with her clitoris with his fingers.

Man on top sexThis beautiful shot shows one way of achieving the deepest penetration - by raising her legs to the utmost, he can thrust deeply into her.

However, if he is well-endowed, he needs to be careful not to catch her cervix, which can be painful.

Our male model in these photos has a penis which is rather larger than average and he reports that he can touch his partner's cervix during sex in the man on top sexual position.

She says that she experiences this as pleasurable when she is extremely aroused; otherwise it can be uncomfortable.

Man on top sexIt is important for the man to remember that his partner is likely to enjoy being touched all over her body, and he should not neglect to stroke, kiss, and caress her body as they make love.

This is an easy position for him to reach her breasts and kiss her....

Man on top sex...a fact which he demonstrates in this position.

The act of giving herself to a man may hold a very special symbolic importance to a woman; so sex can be a much more emotional experience for her than for him (though that is by no means always the case).

An element of romantic play, such as kissing her in her sensitive spots, as shown above, is always enjoyable for a woman.

She may also wish to feel him as deep inside her as he can get, and to help him thrust deep into her vagina, she may pull him in towards her with her legs around his back or her hands on his thighs or buttocks.

Man on top sexThis most loving and romantic embrace hints at great emotional connection between the partners as they make love.

Man on top sexAs passion rises, the speed of man on top sex may get faster. If the man raises himself off her body on his hands and arms he will be better placed to enjoy the sight of his partner as he thrusts in and out of her vagina.

Man on top sexShe, in turn, can enjoy the sight of her man reaching a most powerful orgasm.

Man on top sex positions are good for the man because his thrusting and somewhat dominant position over his partner contribute to his arousal, increase the tension in his body before he comes, and enhance the sensations of release when he actually ejaculates.

Man on top sexIn this picture, both partners are enjoying watching his penetration of her body.

Men are very visual beings, and are usually very turned on by watching sex (whether this involves themselves or other people!)

Man on top sexThis shows that man on top sex need never be dull; there are many ways in which the man can enhance the experience while he thrusts.

Touching and being touched is likely to be more important to her than to him, though this is not always the case.

Man on top sexAnd although this may take a little more skill and practice, the position adopted here by our models means that her vagina will be significantly tighter than when she is simply lying on her back, which will give both of them different sensations and greater pleasure.

Unfortunately he may come more quickly because the exquisite sensations of warmth, wetness and pressure on his penis are that much greater.

Many women find it especially sexy to see or hear his balls slapping against her vulva as he thrusts, and most men will find the sight of her bottom an added turn-on.

There is the added eroticism of being able to play with her anus, buttocks or clitoris as he thrusts.

Man on top sexNaturally enough, the tighter she holds her legs together, the tighter her vagina will become, and the more exquisite the sensations will be for both partners.

Man on top sexSome women find it extremely exciting to have their man slap (gently, that is) his penis against her clitoris as shown here.

Man on top sexFor the very athletic, trying to get her legs over his shoulders can be very entertaining when you're having sex in the man on top position!

If you can get both her legs over one or both of your shoulders, you'll be rewarded with some very interesting sensations.

But it's difficult to do, and you may find it more pleasurable to try something like the position in the photo shown below:

Man on top sexThis gives both partners access to her clitoris and anus.

If she finds it difficult to reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation from her own or the man's fingers, this position is also good for the use of a vibrator.

It also allows the use of a vibrator.

Man on top sexThis is a good example of how a woman can play with her clitoris as he thrusts, so giving herself a chance of reaching orgasm while his penis is inside her.

This may be much more satisfying for her.

What's more, the contractions of her vagina around his penis are likely to make him come, thus giving the couple the possibility of a simultaneous orgasm.

Man on top sexFor an interesting variation on man on top sex, just as he begins to ejaculate, he can withdraw and come on his partner's vulva.

This is an exciting and sexy variation on man on top sex which a couple can enjoy occasionally.

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