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A Guide to Erotic Sex in The Face to Face, Man on Top Position

Face to face sexual positions with the woman supine, that is, on her back, are the first choice of the large majority of women.

Two main explanations exist. The first is that women like it because it feels right, natural and safe. At least as important, though, is that in this position the pressure on the clitoris is at its greatest.

The hard ridge of bone across the abdomen above the root of the penis (called the pubic bone) presses against the area of the clitoris. It presses it against it the male pubic hair, and in and out movements alternately pull and relax the labia and with them the hood of the clitoris. It is this pressure and rubbing that is so rewarding.

Also, the penis, especially of younger men, stands not only out but up. In most women it is the front (anterior) wall of the vagina that is the most sensitive. When she is lying on her back, especially with her thighs down and a pillow under her hips, the probing penis presses hardest and most pleasurably against this wall.

During intercourse it is a good idea to reach down, pull the labia apart in front to expose the clitoris more completely then put the weight fully down upon it keeping the labia from coming together again.

As she approaches her orgasm he can lift his feet and lower legs or even with practice, his knees and thighs. By gripping hard around her shoulders or on a convenient bed edge, he can ride her such that the lowest part of him touching anything is his pubic bone.

The pressure in this sexual position is great and often appreciated. But try it gently until you're sure of your partner's feelings. Somebody said that you can define a gentleman as someone who always takes the weight on his elbows.

By no means all women prefer this. Many a girl enjoys a man's weight on her. It's all a matter of preference.

Face to face sexual positions have other advantages. There is someone to talk to if that's what you like. There are breasts to look at and play with, though this is not always easy when lying down.

Vision however tends to be limited and if seeing things is important then side by side sex may be more successful. By kneeling up and spreading her legs wide he can get a better view down onto his penis as it penetrates her. His extended hands can grasp and fondle her breasts.

Variations in the angle of penetration can be achieved by the size and position of a pillow under her. Under her buttocks it tilts her pelvis up, under the small of her back it tilts it down.

He should never forget, whichever way he has penetrated, that he can make the penis touch different spots in the vagina by changing the angle of his hips and the angle at which he thrusts into her. He can also grasp the base of his penis in his hand and move it accordingly.

Also, if kneeling up he can additionally stimulate her clitoris rather than rub it with his pubic bone. Lifting her thighs at varying degrees - right up until her ankles are beside her ears (be gentle until you know how far they'll go) - also changes the degree of pressure against different parts of the inside of the vagina.

Harmonious sexual love involves sympathetic understanding and co-operation by both partners. There is nothing one-sided about it. Read this about meeting your partner's sexual needs.

A man does not have sole responsibility; and his woman shares equally every aspect of a successful sexual relationship.

A man must learn and adapt to the many facets of his woman's sexual personality; a woman must be active as well as sensitive and alert to her man's sexual needs.

This involves a system of communication, a private language of sexual love they both understand. It does not matter whether this consists of words or gestures or looks, but it is of paramount importance that they evolve it and use it at all times.

In man sexual desire rises quickly. Sometimes he is ready for intercourse immediately. At other times it takes a little while before he has a full erection. The extent of this slight delay varies from one man to another and also from time to time in the same man.

Desire in woman, as we have said before, during sexual relations rises with continuous stimulation of sexually sensitive parts of her body, called erogenous zones.

A man must caress his woman to the height of desire, and she must tell him during their lovemaking what she does and does not like, and by word or gesture let him know from time to time how her desire is rising.

Let us say that an episode goes something like this (although no one, absolutely no one, can draw a pattern for anyone else): they must usually expect to take plenty of time. They should lie together in each other's arms. They find presently that a great sense of tenderness and love envelops them. They naturally kiss, and their kisses soon become deeper.

They open their lips and their tongues come into contact, which is usually stimulating for both. Then the man's hands begin to wander over his woman's entire body until he begins to concentrate his attention on her markedly sensitive areas.

Some women have portions of their bodies which are very responsive—their buttocks or backbone or their ears or under the sides of their arms. Women vary.

But they should always let their man know where these places are. Most women enjoy it when their man fondles their breasts gently, touching and kissing the nipples. As her desire is aroused, excitement begins to intensify, the woman embraces her lover more ardently and moves against him.

She no longer lies quiet, contentedly enjoying the touch of his hands and his body, but begins to reciprocate by caressing him. Some women still have the idea that they should remain passive, but actually the reverse is true. An excited woman arouses a man like no other!

By this time she is ready to have her man stimulate her vulva, clitoris and nipples to concentrate on her centres of sexual excitement. She must let him know exactly how she would like to have him accomplish this, for at this point mistakes are likely to be unhelpful!

Current misinformation about the clitoris is that the clitoris is the site of woman's most intense sexual sensation, and the source of her orgasm.

Yet, the glans of the clitoris is far more sensitive than the glans of the penis—far too sensitive to respond to manual or penile stimulation. No woman ever stimulates it herself during masturbation; she stimulates the right or left side rather than the glans.

It is the movement of the glans rather than friction upon it which causes extreme excitation. The whole area—which includes the labia, clitoris, and vaginal entrance—is tremendously responsive and exciting.

Lubrication is essential. Lack of lubrication means that a woman is going to experience friction as her man thrusts into her. This opens up tears in the vaginal wall.

This allows the possibility of yeast infection by the fungal organism Candida albicans. And that leads to irritation, inflammation, and itching. The dreadful three "Is". You can find information on yeast infection home remedies here. I hope that information will alleviate the problems associated with yeast infection.

Man and woman should not only tell each other what they like—and dislike—but they should take direct means to learn about each other's sexual anatomy by investigating with their own eyes and hands.

Every man and woman is different, and yet many men and women go through life without ever seeing sexual parts of each other's bodies—far more important for their mutual happiness and understanding than the colour of their eyes or the shape of their ears!

When the moment arrives when the woman is ready to have her man stimulate her sex organs, she should tell him how she likes him to proceed, whether gently or firmly, and how long she wants this stimulation to last.

As the two become more and more acquainted with the acts which give them pleasure, their technique becomes more complicated and extensive.

Man and woman belong to each other. Anything which gives the other enjoyment and increases sexual desire is permissible and good.

A man comes to learn his own way for exerting control over his own responses in order to arouse his woman's desire to the high plateau from which she moves readily to orgasm, or to prolong the pleasure of the prelude to intercourse for them both.

Some men hold their muscles tense, or control their rate of breathing. Some avoid continuous stimulation, or banish fantasies which increase their desire.

This lovemaking is the prelude. The length of time devoted to it is naturally variable. Sometimes it is brief, no more than five, ten, or fifteen minutes; and other times it continues for an hour or more before the woman is aroused to the point that she desires intercourse as passionately as her man.

That moment arrives when her vulva is aroused and her vaginal secretions are flowing freely, enabling the penis to enter the vagina easily and promptly.

It is possible that the man's erection may subside somewhat while he is stimulating his woman. This does not mean that he has lost any of his desire or that he is sacrificing himself to please her. He still wants the consummation towards which he has been directing them both.

But the woman should notice the state of his penis and help him to attain full erection in any way he wishes—by stroking his glans with her hands, by kissing it, by holding his penis between her breasts—anything he desires. This adds to his pleasure and contributes to the mutuality of their love.

But she should not continue this long after his organ is firm and erect or the man may experience cause premature ejaculation.

Now the sex act proper begins. There are many sex positions, but the commonest one is with the man above and the woman below him. In this sex position the woman lies on her back with her legs drawn up as high as necessary to give them both pleasure - even with her feet in the air if need be. Her thighs are widely separated to ensure full and easy entry of her man's penis.

The man lies between her legs with all or part of his weight supported on his knees and elbows. This avoids placing a crushing weight on her chest and gives them both ample freedom of movement. The man should lie well forward so that his penis will assume a forward direction.