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Oral sex given by her for him - fellatio

While many a woman might feel more inhibited by the prospect of putting her man's penis in her mouth than he will be about licking her clitoris, for a man it is really important that his partner offers him fellatio.

And I don't say this just because I'm a man! Fellatio represents the ultimate gesture of love, trust and acceptance for a man.

We don't need to analyze that statement; it represents how a man feels about his penis, and the relationship he has with it.

It's helpful to decide if you want to go all the way to orgasm through oral sex, or to save his orgasm and ejaculation for penetrative sex.

Some men don't mind - others will feel very cheated if they don't reach orgasm through intercourse.

Some might like to do this alternately; it's all a matter of personal preference, which it's good to be sensitive too. You can discuss this before you start, or let events unfold as you go along.

But if he does want to reach orgasm through oral sex, don't feel deprived or rejected - it certainly isn't an indication of anything other than the fact that fellatio feels absolutely superb for a man.

Ask your guy if he prefers oral sex or vaginal sex and you might see what I mean. They are different but both very exciting!

As for position, anywhere you can get access to his penis which leaves it at a comfortable angle will be good for him; he may be on his back, with you kneeling over him, or in a number of other positions (more ideas follow in a minute) - but make sure that the angle of his erect penis is good for him.

There isn't much difficulty getting in the right position for fellatio, since his penis is much more accessible than your clitoris and vulva.

The usual position is to lie beside him on the bed and move down until his penis is within reach of your mouth. However, there are better options: for one thing, it's great for him if he can see what you're doing. This adds real spice to the act of fellatio.

So a much better position is to do a 69 or soixante-neuf type position, with him lying under you as you kneel over him, facing his penis. That way he can admire your bottom and vulva, perhaps even get their scent, and certainly play with them. However, he may still not be able to see you.

So a better option still is to lie further down the bed, and face him, with your head level with his groin. That way you can look him directly in the eye as you take his penis and possibly his testicles into your mouth.

Another great option is for him to sit on the side of the bed while you kneel in front of him, head level with his erection, and take him in your mouth, as you look up at him. This is quite likely to drive him wild.

You can also do this with him standing, and which feels better will mostly depend on how tall you both are.

But the standing one is good for him - it gives him that sense of you paying homage to his penis, which, after all, is probably his most prized possession!

You also have both hands free to play with his testicles and scrotum, perhaps even put a finger on (or up) his anus - and if he's into that, you can also get to his nipples, perineum and buttocks.

When he ejaculates, if you are taking it to ejaculation, you have control of how deeply he is in your mouth, and whether or not he ejaculates into your mouth or over your breasts (or indeed anywhere else you like it).

Since he knows best what he likes when it comes to fellatio, he's the best person to ask what you should do to please him.

Mind you, if you just get it right without asking, he's likely to revere you as a sex goddess for some time afterwards!

Oral sex is more about the receiver's pleasure than the giver's, and the position you take for this kind of sex is crucial to its success.

Once you've got that sorted out, it isn't just a matter of randomly licking him - you have to have a certain sexual technique.

Most feeling is in the glans of his penis, so you certainly don't need to try and take him deeply, although this might give him an extra thrill! It's important to use your hand and your mouth, perhaps even both hands, which you can use to rub the shaft as you stimulate his glans with your mouth, lips and tongue.

Keep it moist, since dry oral sex is just as uncomfortable for him as it is for you.

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Let's face reality! The vast majority of men need to control ejaculation. It's natural to find yourself ejaculating too quickly, but this gives less satisfaction and pleasure to your female partner and shortens sex for you both.

Create a decent amount of suction, but don't suck, and what ever you do, don't blow! You'll soon find the movements of your tongue which excite him most, but as a general rule, any pressure on the glans will excite him.

As for the perennial question of swallowing vs. spitting, if you finish him off with your hand when he's about to ejaculate, he won't mind, although you can always give him the pleasure of watching himself cum over your breasts or neck (or your face if you're into it and you've given him permission).

Alternatively, swallow quickly, or hold his semen in your mouth and spit it into the basin later.

Do not, under any circumstances, make disgusted or disparaging noises about the flavor, appearance or experience of tasting or swallowing his semen.

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Start with eye contact. Then work your way down his penile shaft, licking as you go, perhaps holding his penis with one hand while you administer these initial oral caresses. Next, you have a choice.

Some men prefer it if you take as much of their cock as you can in one fell swoop; others prefer a gradual approach, taking a bit of his shaft at a time into your mouth, and moving your tongue and lips around it as you do so.

Bear in mind that different parts of his penis will produce very different sensations as you run your tongue around and over them - his glans, coronal rim, foreskin, and frenulum will all produce slightly different but very pleasing sensations - and his urethral opening may be the most sensitive part of all.

If you combine stimulation of all these areas with gentle massage of his balls, this is going to put you in poll position as a super lover in his eyes!

To make sure that the experience stays pleasant for you, make sure you relax the muscles of your jaw and neck.

Keep breathing through your mouth and make sure you cover your teeth with your lips. If you flick your tongue over the head of his penis, use long broad strokes, and do it slowly.

Sensuous and slow - that's the key to great fellatio! Having said that, he may like a faster pace as he nears his climax - in which case, use your hand to slide up and down his shaft while you keep his glans in your mouth.

Make sure you shift position while you enjoy oral sex so that you remain comfortable.

Find a rhythm that you can keep going. Use your hand in a fist to move up and down the base of his shaft, then move your lips and tongue over his glans, perhaps moving your head back and forth to mimic the thrusting of his penis in your vagina.

He may wish to thrust as well, especially if he has his eyes closed and he's gone into his fantasy world. If so, make sure he doesn't get carried away, and pull your head back if he gets too excited.

As you move your hand up and down, let your mouth move with it; and let your tongue move around over his cock head as you do so.

It's also really helpful if you act like you're enjoying it! Make some enthusiastic noises - then remove your head, look admiringly at his penis, then go back to work; this is all about showing him you like what you're doing.

And, if you do, you may well find that you get aroused as you pleasure him. If you start thinking about something unrelated (it happens) then change technique, focus on the (blow) job and keep going.

Sucking his testicles may well get him really excited! A change from time to time will keep his sensitivity high and you interested in the blow-job.

You'll know he's about to come when his penis swells, gets very hard, turns a darker color - and his testicles rise towards his body.

You may also get a clue when he starts to breath much more deeply, starts thrusting hard, or lies still (odd, isn't it?). If he shouts "I'm going to come", it's also a fair sign he's about to ejaculate.

He may make some inarticulate noises - as you may already know if you've seen a man come, it can be a noisy affair!

If you're swallowing, be ready for the moment when his glans becomes extremely sensitive after he has ejaculated - he may well want you to remove any kind of stimulation on his penis for a few moments.

If you're not swallowing his semen, continue stimulating with your hands and let him ejaculate onto your breasts or body and then remove your hands after his final spurts of semen have emerged.

Treat his penis carefully after he has ejaculated - rest it on his belly, and then see if he wants a cuddle.

He may, of course just want to go to sleep, because his body is now full of sleepy hormones. (Whereas yours after sex is full of bonding hormones.)

Finally, not all men can come through oral stimulation alone.

Sometimes it takes more friction than a mouth alone can provide - so you may need to use your hands to give him that extra bit of friction which will take him into his climax.

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